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Following a very interesting career in politcs from 1988 to 2019, I am taking a new direction and wanted to update my webpage to reflect this new direction.

My plan is to renovate this website and also my webpage in order to then make regular postings regarding all things political.  I very much believe that we have one of the best political systems and I want to encourage and help those who aspire to be politicians. There is also an important role for those who want to work behind the scenes, and I believe that I can give some advice there as well.

My 30 years in politics has provided me with a unique perspective and a great appreciation for how well our system works. In my postings I will outline some of the aspects I think work well and I will also point out where it could be improved. The comments will not be partisan, but designed to help anyone interested in the political process in any party.

I intend to talk about Parliament, party politics, the role of members of parliament, how to contact members of parliament and how to affect change. I also intend to talk about current events and issues that affect us all. I perhaps will tell some interesting stories from my days as an MP.

There will also be an area where you can make a comment or ask a question and I will do my best to answer whatever issue is on your mind. I also hope to do a podcast and tell some stories there as well.

But to start with I’d like very much for you to write to me and tell me what you would like to hear about regarding our political system, politics or any issue that is on your mind. I want to know what you want to hear about.  I look forward to your comments and your questions.

Just go to  billcasey.ca   and click on the contact section and post your comments and questions to me.  Or email me at    billcasey45@hotmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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