Not A Level Playing Field….RCMP Concentration of Emergency 911 Police Call Centers in Dartmouth

You be the judge.  Check out the letter and the charts and tell me if you think that this was an honest and fair competition.

Honourable Bill Blair,

Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness,

Ottawa, Ontario.


Ms. Brenda Lucki,

Commissioner of the RCMP,

Ottawa, Ontario.

                                                            Re: RCMP OCC Emergency Call Center Site Competition

 Dear Minister Blair and Commissioner Lucki


No intelligent person could look at the 2017 RCMP Feasibility Study chart below and conclude that it was a fair and legitimate competition.

 Attachment A is the Estimated Cost Options of the six competing sites.  Option 4 is the RCMP preferred site in the Dartmouth RCMP Headquarters.  The other five are in Colchester County.  You will note that the five Colchester sites have a significant amount charged for Estimated Property Rental and/or a charge for “Real Property Costing.”

Option 4, Dartmouth,  has “zero rent” and “zero charge” for Real Property Costing.   No facility charge whatsoever for the Dartmouth option.   The RCMP says it is “free space”, but it isn’t.     


However, Attachment B  is the “Occupancy Instrument” from the Landlord,  Public Works Canada which states that the “TOTAL ANNUAL RENT” rent for that Dartmouth RCMP building is  $10,498.333.40  per year.   This works out to be $547 for every square meter including the space proposed for the Emergency Communications Center.  It the most expensive office space in Nova Scotia.

Treasury Board says that the rent is $547 per square meter.   RCMP says it is free for this competition.


Further, on Attachment  A the RCMP have added an arbitrary expense in amount of $1,641,000 “Real Property Costing”  to all of the Colchester options, but none for the Dartmouth option.   Again this distorts the competition by adding a fabricated $1,641,000 dollars of expense to the Colchester options.  This makes this assessment of the options illegitimate and it makes it impossible for the other options to compete.

Distortion 1 is that the Dartmouth RCMP building is free.   Not true.   The building cost $113,000,000 to build in 2013.   Public Works assigns a Rental Rate of $547 for every square meter.

Distortion 2 is that the RCMP have added $1,641,000 of illegitimate expense to all other options except Dartmouth in order to make them non-competitive.

If these distortions are corrected, suddenly the other options are more competitive than Dartmouth.   Option 6 was proposed by the Millbrook First Nation and their proposal was disqualified because of the false  “Free Rent” in Dartmouth and the distorted $1,641,000 expense added to their proposal.  

At a time when the government is committed to making available economic opportunities to First Nations, this process illegitimately disqualified their option. 

As this decision could put all Nova Scotians at risk, I respectfully request that you start this “competition” over again but this time with no predetermine conclusion.   Surely the earthquakes in Dartmouth and the corona virus make it clear that the two major police communication 911 centers should not be concentrated in one community that could be shut down on short notice.




Blll Casey

Former M.P.

 902 397 1305

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