Distorted RCMP Competition Should Be Re-done

One disappointing aspect of the Nova Scotia RCMP Emergency Call Center issue is that an agency of the Government of Canada can blatantly misrepresent information on a significant competition …. and everyone looks the other way.
Attachment #1 is a copy of the RCMP Score Chart used to determine the location for the Nova Scotia RCMP 911 police emergency call center. The RCMP wanted Option #4 (80 Garland Ave, Dartmouth)  to win the competition, so they assigned a rental cost of $0 to that option. Zero rent. However…….
Attachment #2 is the Public Works rental agreement for the 80 Garland Avenue building which says the “Total Annual Rent” is $10,498,133.40. That works out to be exactly $547 per square meter.
Attachment #3 is from an internal RCMP document which also says “the current rental rate for the space is $547 per square meter”.
Both Public Works documents and RCMP documents confirm that the rental rate for the Option #4 building is $547 per sq meter.
However, the RCMP inserted the rental rate of $0 (ZERO) in order to ensure that the proposal #4 by Millbrook First Nation (and others) was not competitive. It is not possible to compete with $0 rent.
Back on Attachment #1, you will see that the RCMP unilaterally charged a false expense of $1,641,000 to the Millbrook proposal #4. You will note that all of the proposals were charged this false charge of $1,641,000…. except the one proposal that the RCMP wanted to win.  This charge is entirely false, has nothing to do with Millbrook, but it makes the Millbrook proposal not competitive again.
Millbrook First Nation was the first to submit a proposal to provide this facility. In my view, distorting the expense numbers is simply cheating a First Nation out of a fair chance to compete on a significant economic opportunity. The RCMP is an agency of the Government of Canada and it seems to me that the Government of Canada should have higher standards.
National Chief Perry Bellegarde has now added his voice to those of us who are calling for this competition to be done over again, but with no pre-determined outcome…. and no false expenses. He has actually extended an olive branch to the RCMP and I hope that they accept it.
If you have any questions, let me know.
Finally, look at the photo of the 80 Garland Avenue Building which the RCMP now says is “free”. Does it look like a free building to you?
It is never too late to do the right thing.
Thank you,
Bill Casey 902 397 1305 billcasey45@hotmail.com
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