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I have decided to run in the next provincial election as a Liberal candidate for Cumberland North. This follows my seven terms in parliament and now I will be focusing on Cumberland North issues in Halifax.
Often the people of Cumbe
rland County do not feel like part of Nova Scotia and I hope to help change that if elected. The toll highway is one policy that causes this sense of separation but there are other areas of cooperation needed to promote Cumberland North economic opportunities, quality of life, and unique historic sites.
One focus that I will have is on the amazing renewable energy sources in Cumberland County and ensure that the government explores every opportunity to utilize the solar, wind, geo-thermal and tidal energies as the planet seeks conversion to zero emission energy sources. No county in Canada has the wide array of alternative energies that Cumberland County has. I am fortunate to be able to work with my former colleagues in the federal government, municipal governments and the provincial government to ensure that Cumberland North plays a significant role in Canada’s zero emission future.
Rising sea levels in Cumberland North and Westmorland County threaten rail lines, highways, and communication links to all of Nova Scotia. A washed out rail line in Cumberland North would jeopardize the Port of Halifax and CNs recently announced direct link from Halifax to 
Mexico City. As MP, I worked with three governments and three mayors to help arrange a federal-provincial engineering study on this issue and I will continue to work on protectin
g this vulnerable transportation link.
The recent Covid restrictions have highlighted the close connection between New Brunswick and Cumberland County. It is time for more shared services between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. I will attempt to bring a better understanding in Halifax that Cumberland County is directly affected by policies of two provinces in a way that no other Nova Scotia county is impacted.
I believe that my experience and connections working for Conservative, NDP, and Liberal governments will help highlight local issues and I look forward to using a cooperative approach to raise the profile and well being of Cumberland North. I have had a number of great discussions with Premier Rankin and look forward to working with him.
We are assembling a great team. Any one wishing to be a part of the team, please send me an email at or on Facebook @BillCaseyNS . We will soon have an office set up and a phone to call for answers.
Yes, Rosie totally agrees with this decision.

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