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Bill Casey – Liberal Health Care Strategy

Cumberland North Liberal candidate Bill Casey believes that despite the challenges faced by every province in this country to address health care concerns, Nova Scotia Liberals under leader Iain Rankin have laid out a clear vision to steer us in the right direction.  That vision includes increasing access to primary care, new investments in mental health and addictions, modernizing and improving long term care, and enhancing homecare services.  Physician recruitment also remains a high priority.  A Liberal Government will deliver results:

  • Prior to the election, the Liberal government ensured family doctors will be the highest paid in Atlantic Canada, after a $135 million salary increase.  
  • They have added 16 new seats at Dalhousie Medical School and 10 new residency spaces in family medicine. This will train new doctors right here in Nova Scotia.
  • A Rankin Government is committed to creating a new Office of Physician Recruitment & Retention, comprised of highly trained recruitment professionals who will be deployed internationally to bring home the doctors best suited for Nova Scotia communities.
  • The funding and resources dedicated to this new office will effectively double the budget for doctor recruitment in Nova Scotia.
  • There are already 80 new doctors lined up to start before the end of the year.
  • The Liberals have previously announced $152.6 million to renovate and replace over 2,000 long term care beds in 24 facilities across the province. In total, we plan to add 500 additional beds in communities with the greatest demand.
  • We are also pledging to reduce to 60 days the average wait times for seniors to get s spot in homes, which is currently around six months.
  • We will provide incentives to attract primary care providers such as the Nurse Practitioner Education Incentive which has seen improved access to primary care in areas such as Cumberland County. 
  • Construction has started on a new, modern health-care facility for Pugwash representing an investment of $25 million.

Casey added he is committed to work for continued improvements in the delivery of health care services in Cumberland North.   “I hope to bring the experience and knowledge I have gained during my time as the Chair of the Commons Standing Committee on Health Care to the provincial level.” he said.


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